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Outdoor composting in the tropics -bye bye smelly bin!

Yes I know what's going through your mind after reading the title of this blog post: composting is so complicated and I don't have time for this. No way will I ever be able to make this happen. Besides, I don't even have the space for this...
These were at least thoughts that went through my mind when I first heard about one of the 5 R's standing for "rot".  I do admit, yes I was procrastinating on this one, but this is a success story. You'll see why soon. I've now been composting successfully for about a year now.

Composting is easy! 
If I can do it, so can you. 
And, big bonus here in the tropics, the whole process is so much faster! You'll be surprised how quickly you'll get some nice humus (humus is the technical term for natural compost once it is decomposed) for your garden or liquid compost for your friends who do have a garden.

Here's how you start:
Buy a chicken fence wire, about 2 meters long and 1m wide/high. Cut and roll it into 2 l…

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